If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Brandon and I spent last week in Victoria, Canada for the Simply Spectacular Event by The David Foster Foundation. All I can say is: What a week!

It certainly started with a bang.

We were scheduled on an 8AM Monday morning flight directly from Portland to Victoria. But as usual, Brandon and I jam packed our Sunday, leaving the packing and trip prep for 10 PM the night before we left. We were an hour into packing and organizing our closet when Brandon realized he didn’t know where we had left our passports… For reasons I’ll never understand, Brandon insists on taking our passports everywhere. Whenever we travel, he always brings them with him. I never pay much attention to where he stores them. But if you remember, we went from NYC on Tuesday to Dallas for him and Phoenix for me. He then met me in Phoenix and we both headed home to Portland. So when it came to backtracking where our passports could be, NYC, Dallas, and Phoenix were all suspects. We got to calling the hotels and it turns out I had left them in the safe at the St. Regis in NYC. Brandon and I were both highly irritated that they held our passports for 5 FREAKING DAYS and never called us but we couldn’t get mad – we just had to figure out how to get them. After a mild panic and racking our brains until midnight, we remembered our friends were flying from NYC to Victoria. Since there are no non-stop flights from NYC to Victoria, we had a chance that they hadn’t left yet and would be stopping in Seattle. After sending numerous texts, they called us back at 3AM and were in fact flying through Seattle at 11AM. This was nothing short of a miracle. They could have flown any number of routes. So we booked new flights with a connection in Seattle, sent an Uber with our passports from the St. Regis to JFK to meet them, and rushed to finish packing so we could be on our Portland-Seattle flight by 8AM. By the time we met them in their terminal, we did a quick handoff just in time for us to check in within an hour of our flight to Victoria.

Hallelujah! We made it to Canada!

[flex_row] [/flex_row] We had such a fun week ahead. The event was 3 nights and we stayed an extra evening to tour Victoria and spend time with friends. Being with this group of people feels like adult summer camp. We met them last year when Brandon and I decided to go to Celebrity Fight Night in Italy. We truly made lifelong friends. Celebrity Fight Night and the David Foster Foundation are great partners so we all get together every few months to raise money for amazing causes and spend time with each other. For this trip, we stayed at the Villa Eyrie and they were wonderful hosts for our event. Located 40 minutes outside downtown Victoria, it truly felt like we had our own, private retreat. The team was outstanding and worked around the clock to make sure the experience was top notch.

Here’s a little overview of our amazing week in Victoria, Canada:

Night 1: Jeans and Jewels at Villa Eyrie

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Day 2: Butchart Gardens Tour

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Night 2: Semi Formal at The Government House

[flex_row] [/flex_row] Brandon might have fallen asleep on our ride to The Government House… [flex_row]  [/flex_row] We met Janet Austin – the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and she was a riot! Janet Austin, David Foster, and Melissa Peterman (my favorite!) hosted the event that evening where Brian McKnight and Angelica Hale performed. We ended the evening outside Parliament en route to pick up 20 pizzas from the one and only Boston’s Pizza.

Day 3: Tea at The Empress Hotel and Downtown Victoria Tour

If you’re ever in Victoria, you must have high tea at the iconic Empress Hotel. It was recently renovated and is stunning. My new obsession is scones with jam and clotted cream😍 [flex_row] [/flex_row] [flex_row][/flex_row]

Night 3: An Intimate Evening with David Foster at Villa Eyrie

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Brian McKnight made an appearance during the show – we’ll never get tired of hearing him sing. The David Foster Foundation raised $2 million that night which directly supports families with children in need of organ transplants.

Tour of Victoria

We had the most beautiful dinner at Deep Cove Chalet. You have to go. It is stunning and the food was unbelievable. [flex_row][/flex_row]  

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