Natalie Workman How to Give Employee Feedback

How to Give Employee Feedback

Ideally, you’re conducting your Annual Performance Reviews in November or December, so that the entire organization is headed into the new year knowing exactly where they stand. Expectations for each individual, team, and...

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Natalie Workman Tips for Leading a Virtual Team

Tips for Leading a Virtual Team

I’m gonna be honest. Prior to 2020, I had never led a virtual team. I didn’t need to. We were all in the office and working together in a manner that we were all comfortable with. Suddenly, like it did for everyone, the game...

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What's in my office: WorkWoman office essentials

WorkWoman Office Essentials

A few weeks ago, I shared all about my office essentials on the Podcast. It's important that I surround myself with things that make me feel inspired throughout the workday, from the books I read to post-its with...

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Natalie Workman Why I Love Firing People

Why I Love Firing People

Is getting fired really such a bad thing? Not necessarily. Here’s why.  First things first. Of course nobody wants to get fired, but here’s the way that I look at it: As a business owner, each and every day you’re...

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