In 2 short hours, Brandon and I are off to witness the most prolific love of my generation.

Bey and Jay. Together. In Phoenix.

We bought these tickets as soon as they went on sale and the time has finally come. Despite having a massive headache and popping DayQuil like it’s candy, I will rise to the occasion tonight. I can hardly wait.

Did you know Bey and Jay have an age gap? 12 years. That would be my dream interview. I wonder how that works. Do they even notice the difference? People speculate that he’s the only person she’s ever been with. It would make sense since she was so young when they met. He had certainly been around the block before they began dating. I wonder if she’s ever felt insecure about this? I wonder if the allure of his life experience drew her to him? If she gets nervous that he’ll die before her?

I think the beauty of Beyonce is we all can see ourselves in her. I know I do. Her music does that to you.

4 short years ago, Katelyn and I drove up to Seattle to see them in concert for her first On the Run Tour. And I’m not ashamed to say I cried. And laughed. And sung my heart out. It was the best concert I’ve ever been to.

Here we are, 4 years later and so much has changed. We were both single back then. Far from settled. This isn’t our best photo together but it captures such a beautiful time in our lives. Just two single girls. Ready for the next chapters in our stories.

Katelyn is now married and kicking ass in her career as a nurse. Brandon and I are engaged and stronger than ever. We’ve come so far and we get to share tonight with our greatest loves and each other. I have all the feels as we’re about to get ready together like we’re back as college roommates.

Speaking of getting ready… it’s that time.

Until tomorrow – Xoxo Natalie


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