Hello from Las Vegas! Brandon and I came straight from Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Phoenix to the City of Sin yesterday morning. No rest for the wicked. We are both still nursing our colds but there’s nothing water and Advil can’t fix. We conveniently brought our doctor, AKA my mom, to make sure were in tip top shape.

I’ve never talked much about Brandon’s work but what you need to know is this: 15 years ago, Brandon founded a company called Audigy. This company is like a family. They help each other. They push each other. And they love each other – through thick and thin. This weekend, Audigy is hosting their annual Team Summit event at The Cosmopolitan and Brandon kicked the whole thing off this morning. This event is always a crazy one.

And you better believe I’m regretting my decision to wear 5 inch heels all day. But the show must go on! We’re off to dinner with some of our team and my parents tonight. My mom has been by my side at every Team Summit but this weekend is my dad’s very first time seeing Brandon do his thing on stage. I feel like a proud parent and love that the two men in my life are both here. This is a big chunk of our world that my dad has never experienced. I sat front and center in general session this morning with my fiancee on stage and my dad to my right -appreciating just how far we’ve come. A few years ago, I could only have dreamed of this. For a few reasons: 1) I used to work in his company and the move from employee to fiancee has been… awkward. 2) His clients (we call them Members) were initially skeptical about me. I’m not a mind reader but I’d venture to guess they thought Brandon was going through a midlife crisis when we started dating. Call it what you will, their skepticism has dissipated and I feel like I’m finally family. 3) Speaking of family, it’s beautiful that my family can come to this event and cheer Brandon on. It means the world to both of us that they’re here and totally immersed. My dad even downloaded the event app and has been telling me all about all of the cool courses he’s attending.

Needless to say, I’m feeling immense gratitude right about now and trying to soak it all in. Tonight, dinner is at our special spot and it’s a special occasion. This will be my 5th Team Summit and I refuse to break tradition.

But my feet are in need of some serious recovery. Maybe I can convince Brandon to give me a foot rub?:)

Until Monday – have a safe weekend loves.

Xoxo Natalie


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