Hi there! My name is Natalie Workman and I’m the creator of He’s 25 Years Older. I was in my early 20’s when I fell in love with Brandon – you’ll meet him and fully understand why. Brandon is the love of my life and our love has deepened over time, as every great love does. We’ve truly built amazing lives together. We’ve traveled the world, made lifelong friendships, spent quality time with our families, and created incredible success in business. The best part? He is my best friend – corny, I know, but it’s true. We love every minute together.


I was born in Cleveland, Ohio while my parents were finishing their schooling to become doctors. My dad is from Minneapolis but my mom was a Portland girl so – naturally – they moved to Portland 6 months after I was born. The Workman clan has been in the Pacific Northwest ever since. My dad is a plastic surgeon and my mom is an internist: they are the most incredible people on this planet. Driven, successful, hilarious, kind and they’ve been married for 25+ years! Let’s convince them to come on the blog often- deal?


My mom has been Brandon’s doctor for 15 years. She knows more about him than I ever want to know. I’m just lucky that she takes care of him – I remind him every day that he needs to live to 125 because I want to live to 100. We also need to make it to our 50th wedding anniversary so staying active, eating healthy, and regular trips to see my mom are critically important.


I am a person of extremes and don’t do anything half-assed. I go through phases more often than Kylie changes her hair color. My most notable phases were being vegan, having a strict Lean Cuisine only diet, and being hyper-religious. I mentioned this in the speech I gave at our engagement party. The video will be up on Youtube shortly:)


I dropped out of college at 20. I still feel cool like Kanye when I get to say that out loud (who remembers The College Dropout?!) because being a “dropout” was the absolute best decision of my entire life. I would not be who I am today or have confidence in myself without this experience. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable sharing my life on the internet if it wasn’t for learning to trust my gut and doing something new when I needed a change. Leaving school may not be the best thing for everyone but it certainly was for me.


I used to work for Brandon. At the time, it was amazing and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to be passionate about our work together. We stopped working together in 2017 and I’m incredibly thankful for this now. We each have our thing and can bounce ideas off one another but it’s alleviated talking shop 24/7. I’ve followed him around the world and been by his side during speaking engagements, dinners, and meetings. We’ve shared some unbelievable moments in business together, including selling businesses, closing business, creating programs, teaching classes, and joint speaking engagements. I’ve learned more by being by his side than I ever would have sitting at a desk in college. But being in business with your significant other is no joke. It worked well for us but came with its challenges – I will be diving deep into this topic on the blog.


I grew up in the same neighborhood as Brandon so we met when I was 12 – weird, right?


I really am 25 years younger than Brandon.


My greatest fear is when he dies. It sounds morbid and uncomfortable to talk about but we don’t shy away from the conversation because it’s the single best way for us to prioritize what’s important. We talk about it often and I still cry every single time. I’ll never forget bursting into tears at Disneyland, my favorite place on EARTH, when the topic came up. It reminds us how important everyday together is. We take spending time together seriously because we know it’s not infinite. For me, our relationship is a constant reminder that life is too short to stay mad, be right, or waste time. We’ve both made sacrifices and changed our worlds to be by each other’s sides so we don’t take time together for granted.


Brandon has 3 daughters so he’s been around feminine energy his entire life. This is why he is so wonderful when I’m a crazy psycho on my period – he has been well taught. We don’t want kids together – I don’t have a maternal bone in my body and never have. People always seem concerned when I tell them this. From my perspective, since Oprah didn’t have kids I don’t need to either. She seems like she’s rather happy. Plus, his vasectomy would make having kinds extra challenging.


We currently live in Vancouver, WA, which is a quick 15 minute drive from Portland, OR, but we spend a majority of our time traveling. We have homes in Palm Springs and Cabo so we are never in one place for long. We currently are building a home in Scottsdale and it will be done in 2020 – I plan to spend a lot more time there once it’s finished 🙂