While I was stuck in bed over the weekend, I started scrolling through my photos and came across these gems. Exactly a year ago this week, we visited Singapore and I figured, why not share?

I’m also not too keen on writing this week since I’m still on a pain killers for my jaw – it’s getting better but still ridiculously sore.

So let me take you back to Singapore! Last year, we went on a bit of an Asian tour. I had never been to Asia before so I wanted to make the most of being there. We went from Hong Kong to Macau then back to Hong Kong and, since, we were already in Asia, at the last minute we tacked on the Singapore leg of the trip. We had a little business to do, friends to see, and David Foster was filming for Asia’s Got Talent. Check, check, and CHECK! Off to Singapore we went.


We flew from Hong Kong to Singapore and it was the absolute best flight. The seats laid flat and had enough room for both Brandon and me to fit it one seat! We tried snuggling but he ended up falling asleep and snoring in my ear. Surprise surprise. I quickly kicked him out of my seat and was all about their movie selection. The screens were HUGE!


Once we got in, we checked into our hotel and got ourselves ready for a tour of the gardens. Because we had only booked this trip a couple weeks in advance, there were no longer rooms at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, which I was pretty bummed about. But I wasn’t bummed for long as we ended up staying at the Ritz Carlton Singapore and it was fabulous. First off, they had the most comfortable hotel robes ever. I’ve never felt anything softer and it made me feel at home. It’s the little things, right? Secondly, the room was spacious, new, and felt clean. You know how some hotel rooms, even if they’re nice, feel like they’re worn? Well not here. The room was glorious. Thirdly, our room had the perfect view of the gardens and they were mesmerizing, especially at nighttime. Lastly, their room service was A-mazing. I mean, can we talk about the fruit plate?!

Gardens by the Bay

After we checked in, we headed straight for a tour of the Gardens by the Bay. They were magnificent. We only spent 3 hours there but I wish it would have been the entire day. It was the best time of year to visit because they had their harvest decorations on display, which was the perfect transition into fall. They even had my favorite flower, Bleeding Heart. The gardens are a must see if you’re visiting Singapore. The only downside was the humidity. But frizzy hair is in, right?


We did end up going to the Marina Bay Sands pool, because how could we not? It was a windy, cloudy day but there were still TONS of people. It’s definitely a tourist hot spot and not a place to hang out and relax. Later that night, we went back to the rooftop bar and had drinks at Ce La Vi. The drinks were great and the view was incredible. You really do feel like you’re on top of the world. But my favorite spot of the trip was Atlas. It’s known as the Great Gatsby bar and it lived up to it’s reputation. The bespoke drinks and art deco decor certainly set it apart from your average hotel lobby bar. If you’re planning a trip to Singapore, make sure to make a reservation in advance as it can be difficult to get in.

Asia’s Got Talent

On the last day, we drove an hour outside the city to the set of Asia’s Got Talent. I had never seen the behind the scenes of a show like that before and have SUCH respect for the details of the production. They are a well oiled machine. We hung out for a few hours before taping started and got to meet the other judges. Taping a 60-minute episode takes 3 hours due to the set changes for each act! Crazy, huh? All of the contestants poured their hearts out on the stage and it was a fascinating show to watch.

We had a blast and look forward to visiting Singapore again.

Hope you enjoy the photos – Xoxo Natalie

 Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson at the Ritz Carlton Singapore

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