It’s no secret that Brandon and I love to match. I still remember the first time we bought our first pairs of matching shoes. We were in London at a store just below my flat called Ash. We had walked by this store many times but on this particular day, a trendy pair of snakeskin sneakers caught my eye. This was a few years ago when platforms were all the rage and what could be better than platform snakeskin kicks?! I think nothing. So as I was checking out, PUMPED about my new shoes, Brandon cruised by the men’s section and he found the identical pair (sans the platform, of course.) He gave me a look before asking the sales associate for his size as if to say, “are you okay with this?”

And if you know me, you know that I was all about it. I must get the matching thing from my mom. She always tried to dress our family in coordinating outfits for holidays, dinners, and the occasional photoshoot. It was a hassle at the time and started a number of bickering sessions. But looking back, the photos are always amazing. It also gives the appearance that you have your shit together, ya know? When you see people who intentionally match, it can sometimes be over the top but you can appreciate the attention to details and that they took the time to look put together.

Reasons Couples Should Match

Photos look on point

Photos always look better when the people in the photos are matching. This is a no brainer. Since Brandon and I travel constantly, we take lots of photos together all over the world. And it’s nice when the photos look good. Makes sense – I mean, who likes an ugly photo?

Packing is a breeze

Matching makes packing incredibly straight forward for us. We don’t do a lot of fussing anymore before trips. I lay my outfits and jewlery out the day before and he can just pack to match. We used to wear color and this was a nightmare. I’d bring an orange dress and then he’d need to go buy an orange shirt. We resolved this by exclusively wearing neutral colors. The occasional pop of color might sneak into our closets but 90% of our clothes are black or white.

It creates a personal brand

I love a strong personal brand. With all the crazy, moving parts in our lives, it is strangely comforting when your clothes stay the same. People always know what to expect from us and it creates consistency. Just last night, we were with a couple who remembered us by our matching shoes! Matching is such a clean look and an easy identifier for people.

You have a uniform

We both went to private schools but neither of them required uniforms. In some ways, I think we missed out. What could be better than waking up in the morning, throwing on your uniform, and running out the door? Well… we’ve recreated this as adults. A couple years back, Brandon found the perfect polo at Prada. So he bought 20 of them. In black. This way, he doesn’t have much fuss in the morning. He grabs a polo and it’s one less thing to worry about.

If You Like The Same Things

Matching becomes a no brainer when you have the same taste as your partner. Whenever we’re shopping, we tend to gravitate towards stores that have both Men’s and Women’s collections. If I find a pattern I love, he’ll check to see that it comes in for the fellas so we can be #twinning. We also have the same taste in cars, food, and jewelry, for the most part.

You Look Like You’re Together

You know when you see a guy and a girl in a bar and instantly can tell they’re together? Matching hair. Strong facial features. Similar height. Same age. I like to call these people “sibling couples” because if you didn’t know they’re dating, they’d totally look like siblings. Well Brandon and I do not have this going for us. In the history of our relationship, someone has yet to ask us if we’re siblings. But but but – when we dress similarly, it’s an undeniable sign that we’re together.

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