Well hello there and welcome back! This week were talking all about our favorite country.

Can you guess it?

It starts with an I and rhymes with spaghetti…maybe?

Okay okay I’ll just tell you. It’s Italy!

We absolutely love Italy.

We have been there 5 times and next week will be our 6th– we can hardly wait to get back! Every part of the country is absolutely beautiful. It’s a sexy country. The fashion. The art. The food. The people. The whole country is an elevated experience. Next week we’ll be heading to Florence for the annual Celebrity Fight Night Italy event. Last year’s event  was in Rome and it was outstanding – by far our favorite event ever. I’ll talk more about our trip later but today I want to give you the scoop on Rome.

Rome is one of my favorite cities. I watched The Lizzie Mcquire movie 8950294 times when I was a kid and always dreamed of visiting Rome and falling in love with a pop star. Brandon isn’t the next Bieber but the guy sure can sing – so that counts, right?

Anyway, last year was my third time to Rome and I truly feel like the city never gets old. I’ve visited many of the same spots all 3 times and still find beauty in the history and learn something new.

Top 10 Places You Must Visit While In Rome



I mean can we even talk about Italy without mentioning gelato?! I think not. I’m not too crazy about ice cream when we’re at home but Italy gives me the gelato cravings 24/7. And as we already know from the Lizzie McGuire Movie, gelato supposedly has twice the amount of sugar than American ice cream. But when in Rome, we eat gelato. Every. Day.

Sant’eustachio Il Caffe

If you’re looking for the best espresso in town, look no further. My very first trip to Rome, my parents scheduled a private tour around the city and our guide insisted on taking us here for our first stop. It was heavenly. I’m a big latte fan. I drink at least one everyday. But Starbucks has nothing on Sant’eustachio Il Caffe. It’s a must if you’re a coffee connoisseur.

Market At Campo Dei Fiori

Go at lunchtime and eat outside. The market is busy and is the perfect spot for people watching. This was also a recommendation from our tour guide that was outstanding. I loved it so much that I took Brandon with me the next year and ordered the exact same thing, in the exact same spot. Order the minestrone soup and the sausage calzone. You will not be disappointed.

Cassa Coppelle

If I was on my deathbed and had to order my last supper, it would be from Cassa Coppelle. The pasta is what dreams are made of <— get the reference? 🙂 No but seriously – if you’re looking for the best pasta, a perfect martini, and a buzzing bar scene, Cassa Copplle is a must. It’s hard to find all 3, ya know? But not here- it checks every box. Two years ago, Brandon and 5 of our closest friends went to Rome and Positano for a week long excursion. Upon a recommendation from a friend, we made reservations here and ended up coming back again on our final night! Only 4 nights in Rome and 2 of them we spent eating here. We still reminisce about those nights and that pasta.

Shari Vari

Night clubs in Europe can be a challenge. Some are far too big. Others have a very young crowd. We love hiphop which makes finding the perfect spot an extra challenge. But Shayri Vari did not disappoint. it’s a tiny club that gets packed quickly, but if you can find a table, you will certainly be there all night.



You just have to go. Plan for 4 hours. Consider getting a guide. And bring your walking shoes.

Clearly I didn’t exactly bring my walking shoes last year when we took these photos at the Vatican and my feet have never been the same. 4 inch stiletto’s on cobblestone is a surefire way to ruin your new favorite shoes. And break an ankle. I’m not holding Brandon’s hand out of romance here: it was pure survival.

Walk Along the Tiber River

My first visit to Rome, my dad and I ran down this path every single day. My favorite memories with him might be those long runs. On a warm August day, it’s the perfect way to see the city by foot. Along the river, you have a picturesque view of Ponte Rotto, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Castel Sant Angelo.

Segway Tour

Now if you’re not one for walking, I highly highly highly recommend going on a Segway Tour through the city. This is by far my favorite way to see any city.

Trevi Fountain

On my first visit, I yawned at the Trevi Fountain. What was the big deal? It was closed that summer due to renovation and the entire display was boarded up. We still went to see it and I was entirely underwhelmed. If you’ve ever been, you know it’s in an odd location. If you were driving by, you’d blink and miss it if it weren’t for the crowds of people. Luckily, our group dragged me there on my second trip and I got to experience the fountain in all it’s glory. It’s truly magnificent when the water is flowing and the scaffolding is down. Bring some change and grab your camera. You won’t want to miss the wish that could change your life. Like seriously: how do you plan on meeting your pop prince if you don’t make a wish in the Trevi Fountain? 

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