The London Taxi Company - Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson

Back in August, Brandon and I took a little trip across the pond. Well – it wasn’t exactly a little trip. We ended up being gone for 4 weeks and hit up a number of cities on our European tour: Galway, Dublin, London, Hanover, Florence, and Capri to be exact. 4 weeks is a long time to be gone but one of my highlights of the trip was going back to London. A few years ago, I lived in London and it was such a transformative experience.

At the time, I had never been to Europe so moving across the country to pursue my dream of attending The London School of Economics was scary. In many ways, I felt like I grew up there. I was on my own, in a place I’d never been, where I knew no one. This city is close to my heart and I was crazy excited to go back as a tourist to revisit my favorite spots. This time with Brandon and his 2 daughters in tow.

London Edition Hotel - Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson

Where We Stayed: London Edition

I know my way around pretty well and my advice when choosing a hotel is to make sure it’s near what you want to do. It sounds so basic but basic is practical. London is HUGE. Who wants to be stuck in a cab for hours every day? Well… I could think of worst things. But still: every neighborhood is known for something different so be intentional about what you want to do while you’re there. And stay as close as possible.

The London Edition worked well for us because I wanted to stay within walking distance to Covent Garden, which is where I lived while I was going to school. The hotel is located in Soho. It’s a walker’s heaven. A 10 minute walk to Trafalgar and Mayfair and less than 5 to Oxford and Regent streets.

Oh and let’s talk about their service, shall we?

They were on their game the entire trip. Before we even got there, we let them know we were coming to London to celebrate Brandon’s daughter’s birthdays. They reached out to ask what the girls like to eat. Both Brandon and I thought it was a funny question but proceeded to respond: chocolate. Within 10 minutes of checking it, the London Edition team brought them a giant chocolate cake with birthday candles. So stinkin’ sweet of them. And the girls were thrilled.

Upon arrival, they greeted Brandon and me with welcome cocktails, and since we were heading straight to the Brittany Spears concert, we graciously accepted. They upgraded us to a suite that was spectacular –  full balcony, a sitting room, and the BEST natural light. It was gorgeous.

London Edition Hotel - Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson

FUN FACT: Brandon LOVES to call me an international blogger to people. It’s his new thing. He does it, in part to embarrass me, and also to get a heightened level of service. I roll my eyes every time. It feels so silly but it honestly works. We did a full day shoot at the hotel and their team was so helpful. Between calling cabs, moving furniture, they went above and beyond to ensure our experience was flawless.

Outside of their service, the gym was one of the highlights of the hotel. It was large, clean, and provided free water, towels, headphones, and apples. Who doesn’t love free things?

I would definitely stay at the London Edition again and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting London Town.

The London Taxi Company - Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson

Where We Ate

I LOVE booking restaurants and having a plan before getting to a city. Especially with family trips. If you already know 80% of what you want to do, everyone fights less. There’s no waffling about what sounds good for dinner. It just makes things more seamless and I would consider using a service to help out next time. London was easy for me since I had already been to all the spots but in a new city, I would highly recommend going with a professional travel planning service if you’re bringing your blended family.

The London Taxi Company - Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson

Sushi Samba

Oh em gee. This place is sheer magic. Sushi Samba has been a cherished place for Brandon and me as we have some of our best memories at the Las Vegas location. A couple years ago while in NYC, I surprised him by taking him to their Tribeca location as we had no idea there was more than one. Well well well they also have a London location and it is by far our favorite. It’s on the 37th floor of Heron Tower building. Yes. The 37th floor. The views are almost as spectacular as the food. It’s not one of those places where you’re trading good food for a good view. You get BOTH.

My go-to dishes:

  • Green Bean Tempura
  • Yellowtail Crispy Taquitos
  • Yellowtail Tiradito
  • Black Cod

The London Taxi Company - Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson


This is a fun one. Novikov is a bit like choose your own adventure. The restaurant is 3 floors, offering you your choice of Asian or Italian cuisine. I’ve eaten at both and I usually choose the Italian cuisine because it’s more romantic and less of a scene. Both have a cast of interesting characters and the people watching is phenomenal.  The other reason I usually choose Italian is we usually make Sushi Samba our first stop and I like to mix it up, ya know? Keep it interesting.

You might be thinking:”But wait a second… what’s on the 3rd floor?” I’m glad you asked! It’s a Lounge – which can be translated to a mini nightclub. But a little more upscale than a traditional club. Since we had Brandon’s girls on this last trip, we did not end the evening in the lounge but you definitely should. At least check it out. It’s a very cool spot.  

The London Taxi Company - Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson


If you’ve been on instagram, I’m certain you’ve seen Sketch. From the pink Gallery to the egg bathroom stalls, Sketch is insta worthy for sure. Now there are a number of places inside Sketch so make sure you know where you want to go. If you’re wanting the pink experience, go to The Gallery. I’ve never been for tea but I’ve seen the photos and it looks like a good spot for a not-so-traditional afternoon tea.

I have been there for dinner and to be honest, the food is not my favorite. It’s okay – just check out the menu before booking. I’m not one for French food so it always takes me a minute to understand what the hell I’m about to order. But can we talk about the drinks? They are insanely good and the whole place is just so fun and vibey. And don’t forget to bring your phone when you go to the bathroom. You will want to document every inch of it.

The London Taxi Company - Natalie Workman & Brandon Dawson

Alright. That’s enough about London for now. I’ll probably be doing a post on my favorite things to do while in London because I have these super cute photos of us in telephone booths and I can’t seem to figure out how else to use them. Any ideas? 🤔

Much love

Xoxo Natalie

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