Have you ever thought about being a fashion blogger? Ha. Yeah – me too. This whole blog journey for me started a year ago – get the full recap here. My blog was going to be called “Today’s Work Woman” which I LOVED because it had a clever play on my last name, Workman. In theory, I was going to talk about fashion and share lifestyle content. So I created business cards and hired a photographer to do my first shoot. I’m still not sure what I was thinking as these photos are the definition of cringy. But here are the reasons I ultimately decided not to be a fashion blogger:

I don’t love fashion

If you don’t love what you’re going to be talking about every day for the rest of your life, change the topic. This sounds so simple but I fully understand that it’s not. If you like something – that’s great! Talk about it at dinner with your friends or follow some instagram accounts that give you your fill. But if you’re about to pivot your work to something new, don’t pick something you like. Pick something you LOVE. For me, this blog about age gaps couldn’t be a more perfect fit. I’ve loved love since I was a little girl and am obsessive about being the best parter I can be. Couple that with the challenges I’ve worked through with our age gap and viola! I wake up every morning excited to connect with people and create content that is meaningful to me. As soon as I thought I wanted to be a “fashion” blogger, I started putting together the weirdest outfits that just weren’t me.

I feel awkward taking fashion photos

You’ll see the photos and understand. I give major props to all the ladies out there who do this with ease and beauty. We all love watching you do your thing on the gram – keep it up.

I buy my clothes when they go on sale

If you’re a fashion blogger, you can’t make money if all of your clothes are rare finds in outlet malls or on Hautelook. By the time you buy them on sale, take pictures in them, and post the photos to your site – you’re not going to be able to link the look to actually get paid because it won’t still be there to link. It does no one any good to link a product that is sold out or discontinued. This inherent flaw in my business plan and my stubbornness to not pay full price for things should have stopped me from this photoshoot… but it didn’t. Alright – I’ll stop blabbering and get to the photos. Here you go – all the cringy photos I took exactly a year ago this month.

Why My Career as a Fashion Blogger Ended Before it Began

Why did I think these shoes went with this sweater?! You know me: I love sitting on a bench, by myself  in 4 in heels. I have no words for this outfit. What was I thinking?!?! Whew. Glad that’s over. My closing thoughts are: even if it doesn’t feel right, stick with it. I knew I wanted to create a blog but the topic was just off. I didn’t need to discard my plan, I just needed to tweak my content. And you better believe I will continue to tweak the content to come. Right now I’m focused on getting content out there so you guys get a better understanding of who we are. Next up will come the prenup content. Maybe wedding content will be next. I don’t have a 6 month content calendar because things constantly change but I know exactly where I want to take this blog. You have to be willing to just roll with it and not give up the vision of what you want to create. So cheers to finding the right path and not being afraid of venturing down countless wrong roads until you find the one you’re meant to be on. Hopefully you’ll have some cringy photos to look back on too. I have to give a huge shoutout and thank you to Whitney Lyons for not making me feel like a complete idiot throughout this shoot. You were amazing and I can hardly wait to show off the awesome work we’ve created together since. Xoxo Natalie

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